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Wout Faes, Yannick Carrasco en Alexis Saelemaekers

Why you should not miss this.

If you are selected:

  • you will sing, whistle, play or cheer the Red Devils’ official song for the European Championship.

  • you will receive a ticket for the Red Devils’ pre-tournament send-off match on Saturday the 8th of June

  • the Wunderbar song will be published by Universal Music Belgium, and you will be credited!

  • you will be sent the recording of the official video of Wunderbar.

  • .you will be remembered forever as an artist and loyal fan.​

Show and let the world hear

what a fan you are.

Are you a fan of the Red Devils, older than 7 years and can sing, whistle or play an instrument? Then sign up here as 1 of the 500 musicians of the Wunderbar Band. Don't want to sing or play music? No problem, then join in as a supporter! Registration is possible until 26 April.


On Sunday 5th of May, we will record the official Red Devils Euros 2024 song at the ING Arena, with the biggest band in the country.


The Wunderbar song will be released before the European Championship 2024. As a member, you are already 1 of the 1,500 guests of honour!







Join the WUNDERBAR BAND: RBFA and ING are looking for 1.500 music fans for the recordings on Sunday 5 May in the ING Arena.

Registrations are closed.

Participate in the  official Red Devils song of the Euros 2024

Register for the recording on Sunday the 5th May at the ING Arena and receive a free ticket to see the Red Devils thanks to ING!

Registrations are closed.

Yannick Carrasco
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