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  • Where do I go to sign up?
    You can audition directly on our website until April 15th.: sign up here!
  • What are the different stages involved in registering for auditions?
    Go to the registration page. Choose the category in which you want to audition. Watch the tutorial. Showcase your talent and create an audition video. Fill in your details. Upload the video on the website (maximum 100MB).
  • When do the auditions start?
    Registration opens on 15 February and closes on 26 April. So you've got two months to show us your talent!
  • What selection criteria are taken into account at auditions?
    You don’t have to be Helmut Lotti, Angèle, Toots Thielemans, Ruben Block or Isolde Lasoen to audition: if you can sing, whistle, strum a guitar or play percussion, then you should give it a go. All you need to join the WUNDERBAR BAND is a little talent, the passion of a true fan of the Red Devils and especially lots of enthusiasm.
  • When do the auditions close?
    Auditions will close on 26 April.
  • What selection criteria are taken into account at auditions?
    You can audition for multiple categories, but you can only be selected in one category. Therefore, you need to submit audition videos for each category you're interested in.
  • What rules must I follow to ensure that my audition is valid?
    You can consult the competition regulations here.
  • Is there any specific music to play when I record my audition?
    You need to play the Wunderbar demo for your instrument.
  • In what format should I send the video (MP3, MP4, WAV...)?
    You must send your video in MP4 format so that we can view it.
  • What are the audition requirements (age, nationality, etc.)?
    You can audition regardless of your nationality, because the most important thing is not to be Belgian, but to have an unwavering passion for the Red Devils. Please note, each participant must have been born before 05/05/2014 to be able to register validly. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, we ask that you bring this form, printed and signed, to gain access to the event. If you are between 10 and 16 years old, you can only be admitted to the event by completing this form, having it signed by your parents or guardian and returning it before the event via Unfortunately, we cannot give children access to the event without this form.
  • What information do I need to provide in order to audition?
    You must provide your surname, first name, Language, gender, date of birth, e-mail address and clothing size for the t-shirt you will receive if you are selected.
  • I'd like to take part but I can't play an instrument or sing. What can I do?
    No problem, you can apply to be one of the 1000 supporters.
  • What language should I sing in?
    The song Wunderbar is in English, so you'll be asked to sing in English.
  • What musical profiles are allowed to participate?
    We're looking for a range of profiles: 150 singers, 100 bassists, 100 guitarists, 100 drummers, 50 whistlers and 1,000 supporters with vocal cords (for the Wunderbar-verse).
  • I would like to join as a supporter. Would I have to audition for this?
    No, you can simply register without auditioning.
  • What are the lyrics to Wunderbar?
    Discover the lyrics here!
  • Why should I participate in the auditions?
    If you are one of the 1,500 chosen, you officially become an artist! Because you have sung, whistled or played the official European Championship 2024 anthem of the Red Devils. You'll also receive a recording of the official video. What's more, we'll see you at the Red Devils' last match at the Roi Baudouin stadium before they leave for Germany to shine at the European Championship. You'll be a member for life of the one and only Wunderbar Band, the group that musically guided the Red Devils to victory! And the song on which you can be heard will be officially released by Universal. As a fan, you couldn't dream of anything better.
  • How and when will the Wunderbar anthem be used?
    The anthem will be used for the Red Devils' Euro 2024 campaign. It is therefore the official song of the Red Devils for the Euro.
  • What is Wunderbar?
    An uplifting song played on every goal and win in the future. A tune that is easy to sing/shout & whistle along. A song that will fill the stadium with joy.​​ The song is a cover version of an older hit by TEMPOLE TUDOR.​ The goaltune and song will be the official Belgian Red Devils song ​and will be sent to UEFA for usage during the EURO’s in Germany​. Discover the lyrics here!
  • When and how will I receive the audition results?
    Our panel judges meet regularly: so you will soon receive information about your participation.
  • If I am selected, how soon will I receive my login to the website?
    You will receive all the information by mail.
  • How can I be sure that my audition is valid?
    If you have received a confirmation email, your submission is valid and you will be considered. Please also check your spam folder!
  • When will Wunderbar be recorded?
    The recording takes place on Sunday 5 May 2024 at the ING Arena.
  • Where is Wunderbar recorded?
    Wunderbar is being recorded in the ING Arena at Avenue de Miramar, 1020 Brussels.
Orel Mangala
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